API Explanation

To get started with our API you need to go to Offers-> API

You should call the API with something similar to:

$response = file_get_contents("https://api.digitaltechnewyork.com/api/get_offers/?api_key=[your_api_key]", false, stream_context_create($arrContextOptions));

Available parameters:

  • limit
    • You can add &limit=20 and the endpoint will return the first 20 offers only ordered by rating in descending order.
      By default the limit=0, which means, no limit, it will return all offers.
  • country
    • Please add &country=2_letter_country_iso_code to get the response narrowed to only that country

There myou will find your API key along with the endpoint to be used to retrieve your list of approved offers.

That url returns a json reply like the following:

Variables Explanation:

  • oid: Offer ID
  • name: Name of the Offer
  • description: The description of the rewarded action or possible other offer's requirements.
  • preview: The preview url, meaning where your users are going to land when they click.
  • your_link: Part of your unique tracking link for this offer, of course you can add extra parameters and variables to track better.
  • payout: The amount in USD that you receive when the offer is completed successfully.
  • creative: The url to the image of the offer.
  • countries: The list of ISO country codes where the offer is allowed to run.
  • tags: the list of tags the offer has attached to it, for example: non incent, iOS, utilities.