Creating your Postback

The postback is a server to server (s2s) notification that is used by Networks to comunicate to their publishers, in an automated way, that some action has been done.

In this article we're going to cover in more or less details how you can setup your Postback correctly, so you're notified when we recorded a lead that you generated.

Let's supṕose you want to promote offer id 1234, cool. Now, you grab your affiliate link and start promoting it.

Whenever a conversion occurs (or a lead speaking in old terms :) our servers will call the Postback URL you've setup in the Postback screen.

You can find the postback screen on left menu -> Offers -> Postbacks.

The first field: Offer ID or "Global" means that the postback to be created will be called either on 1) a specific offer id or 2) Global, Global means that the postback will be called for any offer id that you generate a conversion for.

So, let's say your server url (the server in charge for receiving and processing this automated communications) is

Then in the postback field you will put the above url.

The pills you see in green are extra-variables that you can use.

For example, when you send a user to one of our offers you may include in the link &clickid=your_click_id . This may be used by you to uniquely identify the user or whatever other thing that you want to keep track of and you send that unique token along with your affiliate link. Then if that click produced a rewarded action, like a conversion, you can receive that unique token back to you by placing something like the following in your Postback url:[[clickid]]

See all the green pills that you can use in your postback. For example, if you want to use subid2 to send in your affiliate link, for example the id of the blog you advertised our offer, you can get that value back in your Postback by including the [[sub2]] variable. If we leave the above example, you can concatenate different variables and get a good amount of information when you make a conversion:[[clickid]]&my_blog_id=[[sub2]]

Note that for the above to take efffect and work correctly, when you setup your affiliate link, following the above example, you should setup the link more or less like this:{you_replace_this_with_yor_clickid}&s2={you_replace_this_with_your_blog_id}

Provided that have done correctly the last demo url, then we will have in our databases the clickid token and the s2 token. So, back to the Postback thing, we will be able to send you both clickid and sub2 (called subid 2 or s2, etc, its all the same) along back to you and you can perform whaever actions is applicable to your business.

Additionally to clickid and s2-s9 you have the option to receive in your postback the offer id (out offer id) and the IP of the click.

More variables will be added so you can have more options, but with s2-s9 you have plenty of room to manage your business.