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Dashboard explanation

The Dashboard is very easy to understand if you are keen to details.

It consists of 3 main sections:

  1. Summary
  2. Top Offers
  3. Main Indicators Graphics



The explanation of the items of the Summary section is pretty obvious. Clicks, Conversions, Revenue, Profit (In case you have an account in DTNY Network to use the software) and Revenue YTD (Year To  Date).


Top Offers:


Here, as well, the explanation is pretty obvious. Something that may not happen with our last and final section of the Dashboard.


Main Indicators:

Here we took 3 of the most critical Indexes that you can graph to measure the performance of any date range:

  1. Earnings Per Conversion
  2. Earnings per 100 Clicks
  3. Estimated ROI (Return on Investment), based on a click of $0.10