Financial Report its fields

This Report, is called financial because of lack of a better name.

You can generatre reports by Offer or by Offer/Country.

More options are coming like s2-s9, device, and mixtures amoung them.

The fields provided in the report are self explanatory:

As you can see in the screenshot, you just need to click Financial Report under Reports on the left menu.

Then you simply select a Date Range, either preset or custom.

Then a report type: Offer or Offer/Country hit Run Report and you will see the results immediatly.

The fields details are:

  • Clicks: Number of Clicks you generated during that date range
  • Conversions: The conversions awarded
  • Revenue: The amount in USD that you generated in that date range
  • CR: The Conversion Rate
  • EPC: Your EPC based on your earnings / your clicks


Feel free to request a new Report type to support.